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With a reputation as one of West Michigan’s most respected firms, Cunningham Dalman personally serves individuals, businesses, institutions and municipalities. Our dedication to innovation motivates us to take advantage of advancements in information technology and allows us to create practical and efficient solutions that meet our clients’ legal needs.

Our size is large enough to permit our attorneys to concentrate in specific legal fields, but small enough to keep the personal contact with our clients, resulting in high-quality, efficient and personal legal services.

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Some Thoughts on Sharing Your Estate Plan with Your Family

It is a very personal decision to determine whether to share your estate plan with your family. Except for the most extreme of circumstances, you will never be required to share the plan while you are alive. So, when the question of whether to share the plan is asked of me as an estate planner,… continue reading

Some Helpful Estate Planning Tips That Your Attorney May Not Have Mentioned

If you have worked with an estate planning attorney before, it goes without saying that your primary focus was on the documents themselves – a will, maybe a trust, powers of attorney, etc. And hopefully when you concluded the process and your estate planning documents were signed, you also received some instruction on the next… continue reading

Your Home is a Non-Countable Asset for Nursing Home Medicaid Benefits – But What About Their Home?

It is commonly understood that a single person or couple can keep their home and still be eligible for Medicaid benefits to help with the cost of assisted living or skilled nursing care. But what about your adult child’s home? It is not uncommon for a parent to help an adult child by giving them… continue reading