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With a reputation as one of West Michigan’s most respected law firms, Cunningham Dalman personally serves individuals, businesses, institutions and municipalities in many areas of law. Our dedication to innovation motivates us to take advantage of advancements in information technology and allows us to create practical and efficient solutions that meet our clients’ legal needs.

Our size is large enough to permit our attorneys to concentrate in specific legal fields, but small enough to keep the personal contact with our clients, resulting in high-quality, efficient and personal legal services.

Here are some of our practices:

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Attorney Articles

Keeping The Family Cottage Affordable For The Next Generation

One of the biggest barriers to passing a cottage to your children is affordability and more specifically property taxes. If transferring a cottage isn’t done in certain ways, the property taxes will be adjusted to the current value (or “uncapped” as we call it). This could result in a small change, but it more often… continue reading

Don’t Forget What’s Important to You When Doing Your Estate Plan

More than half of people in the United States give to charitable and faith-based organizations during their lives. However, it’s estimated that less than 10% leave a portion of their estate to these organizations when they pass away. It’s not known why there’s such a difference between these two time periods. Regardless of the reason,… continue reading

Business Owners: You Have Another Option For Charitable Planning

There are a variety of ways to financially support charitable organizations and their causes. The most common are giving cash and making out a check. But, other options (i.e. giving appreciated investments like stock, mutual funds, and real estate) are often better for income tax purposes. Business owners have another option because they own privately… continue reading