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A trust is a great way to ensure that your final bills will be paid, your personal property will be distributed, and your remaining assets will be distributed or held in trust per your wishes.  A trust also allows for someone to manage the trust assets for your benefit while you are still alive but… continue reading

Options and Requirements for an Original Will Before & After Death

An original document (versus a hard copy or electronic copy) is less meaningful to people who regularly deal with digital documents and electronic signatures.  People growing up in a digital age do not always connect the importance of having possession of the actual document that a person signed with a pen!  However, the original Last… continue reading

A Season for Boating Can Be a Season for Liability

Summer is here and we’ve gotten the weather almost all of us look forward to each year.  With our access to Lake Michigan, boating is an important summertime activity.  Like driving a vehicle, boating comes with a potential for accidents and liability.  If you own a boat and are interested in protecting yourself from this… continue reading