Estate Tax Changes are Coming

The election has been decided. The Democrats now control the White House as well as the House of Representatives. While the Senate is split 50/50, the Vice President can cast a tie-breaking vote in favor of Democratic legislation. President Biden and the Democrats have campaigned on increases in the estate tax. Also, there’s a reconciliation… continue reading

The Pitfalls of Co-Trustees Representing Your Trust

If the situation and relationship dynamics allow, I generally advise clients that want to choose co-trustees to administer their trust to allow them to act independent of one another. That way, the co-trustees can determine who should handle each task and work more efficiently. They can divide and conquer the tasks of selling real estate,… continue reading

This May Be The Time To Plan

COVID has exposed or reminded us of a number of difficult truths and one of them is the fragility of our health. We don’t know when we’ll have serious health issues or pass away. You can proactively help your family or loved ones by setting up an estate plan that gives them a legal roadmap… continue reading

Patient Advocate Selection

Attorney: Who would you like to make medical decisions for you if your spouse is unable to? Client: Can I name all my children to act together? It is difficult to identify the person to place this great responsibility on. I often remind clients that although the person they select may feel honored that they… continue reading