A Cottage Should Be Worry-Free

Q: I am thinking about buying a cottage by a lake. What do I need to consider? A: You need to consider all the things you would for buying any other property, plus some things unique to waterfront property. They are all important and some complex. If you plan to build there are additional concerns.… continue reading

Get a Survey

Q: I am buying some property. Do I really need a survey? A: Yes, you really need a survey. If you buy property without a survey, you run the risk that the boundaries of the property are not where you think. Your house may encroach onto your neighbor’s or theirs may encroach onto yours, or… continue reading

Weenies Gone Wild

Every year Ottawa County hosts tens of (if not hundreds of) thousands of folks for the Tulip Time celebrations. In good weather, as we have had this year, the vibrant colors from the cohorts of plantings brighten the lives of everyone in the area. Unfortunately, with the celebration comes the burden of increased traffic. With… continue reading

Electronic Signatures are Generally Enforceable

Now more than ever, the transaction of business is dependent on the use of electronic means to secure a person’s signature. Everything from change of beneficiary designations to purchase agreements can now be signed electronically. While there are a few exceptions to this general rule – notably, estate planning documents still require a traditional written… continue reading

2016 Best of the Best Award

Thank you to all who voted for us in the Holland Sentinel News Best of the Best Contest! We are thrilled to once again be voted best law firm in Holland. We are so appreciative of our clients and this community.