Do you find that tax laws are becoming more and more complex? You’re not alone. Many people in Holland and around the state of Michigan share your concern. With government at all levels in greater need of funding, methods of taxation are becoming more “creative” with each passing day.

This is one reason why you need a competent and experienced tax attorney at your side. Here at the Holland-based Taxation Law Practice Group, we provide you with the support and expertise to protect your interests, and to make sure that your taxes are correctly and advantageously paid, with all legal safeguards in place.

Our tax attorneys assist you in dealing with a wide range of tax laws, including:

  • Business formation and reorganization
  • Compensation
  • Stock purchases and sales
  • Dissolutions
  • Income tax
  • Estate and inheritance taxes

Representation before tax authorities

In addition, we represent clients in administrative and judicial disputes involving the Internal Revenue Service, the Michigan Department of the Treasury, and other tax authorities.