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This May Be The Time To Plan

COVID has exposed or reminded us of a number of difficult truths and one of them is the fragility of our health. We don’t know when we’ll have serious health issues or pass away. You can proactively help your family or loved ones by setting up an estate plan that gives them a legal roadmap… continue reading

Patient Advocate Selection

Attorney: Who would you like to make medical decisions for you if your spouse is unable to? Client: Can I name all my children to act together? It is difficult to identify the person to place this great responsibility on. I often remind clients that although the person they select may feel honored that they… continue reading

Medicaid Benefits and Your Retirement Account

During your working years you and perhaps your employer made contributions to your retirement account. You learned the benefit of putting your employment income into a 401k so that you would not pay income tax on it while you had earnings from employment. Rather, when you retired, you would then draw on those funds and… continue reading

SECURE Act and Your Retirement Account

I would not associate the word SECURE with year 2020. So, it is a bit ironic that 2020 did bring us the SECURE Act. This Act is all about your retirement funds or what is left of it given the surprises of 2020. Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) eliminates the stretch provision… continue reading

COVID Stimulus Payments and Medicaid Benefits

There are many Medicaid programs but we most commonly assist those who are on the MI Choice Waiver program for in-home care and assisted living and the Medicaid program that pays for benefits in a skilled nursing facility. Persons who are receiving Medicaid benefits must keep their bank account balances under $2,000 at least one… continue reading

Business During the COVID-19 Crisis

For the last two weeks, I’ve tried to pin down the most important legal issue facing businesses. After seeing new legal developments coming each day from all levels of government (federal, state, and even local), I decided on a different approach. Rather than identify the one key issue, I’m offering more general and practical advice.… continue reading

Estate Planning During a Pandemic

If completing an estate plan has been on your to-do list for years – now is the time to get it done. Now is the time to check in with your loved ones on whether they need to do some planning while we face a global health crisis. No matter the size of your resources… continue reading