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Ways For Parents To Help Their Disabled Child

Families with a disabled minor child are usually vigilant about setting up a plan that will care for and protect the special needs of their child. These families understand the value of setting up a special needs trust that will receive the child’s inheritance upon the parents passing. But special planning is also appropriate for… continue reading

Plan Your Own Funeral So Your Family Can Grieve

The majority of my clients tell me that they want an estate plan to make things easier for their children when they pass. Many also place high importance on eliminating disputes between children. A good estate plan will meet those goals, but I always tell my clients to consider rounding out their plan by setting… continue reading

Do I Need to Be Thinking About This Already?

A number of business owners and individuals make annual gifts to their children and grandchildren. This is done for a number of reasons, but avoiding estate taxes and transitioning the family business are two very common motivations. Should you be thinking about annual gifts this early in the year? Even though there are four months… continue reading

Some “Routine Maintenance” Tips for Your Company

As a business attorney, I have helped many clients with setting up new companies, usually corporations or limited liability companies (“LLCs”). It can be a fast and furious process. After the “entity formation phase” is complete, however, some business owners overlook the importance of “routine maintenance” for the company. Obviously there are things that you… continue reading


I had lunch with a group of officers from a local trust department, two of whom were investment managers. The subject came up of what to do with a client who has a high concentration of a single stock in their portfolio. The discussion was enlightening. Throughout my career I’ve noticed a common theme, which… continue reading


Ever notice how many more car accidents are happening during the summer road construction season? We are creatures of habit: buy the same toothpaste, order the same lunch, drive the same route to and from work or the grocery store. When our normal routes are disrupted due to construction, odd (and sometimes bad) things happen.… continue reading