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Owner beware!

You may have heard the Latin phrase “caveat emptor” meaning “let the buyer beware.” This is generally spoken as a warning to buyers to not expect much more out of a product than they were able to discover on their own before they bought the product. If nothing was promised, then nothing should be expected.… continue reading

New Wage Laws – Do you need to comply?

Many employers are struggling with the new higher salary requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). The new law (going into effect December 1, 2016) effectively doubles the required minimum salary amount that must be paid. The old rule required a salary of $23,660 and the new rule requires a minimum salary of $47,476,… continue reading

DEFERRED COMPENSATION, not as simple as it seems

If you are a business owner, and are starting to think about transitioning the business to a younger generation, you might want to consider whether a deferred compensation agreement would help you attain your goals. Basically, a deferred compensation agreement is based upon the belief that a certain key employee is worth more to the… continue reading

Is your old AB Trust obsolete?

In “the old days”, which in terms of estate tax law, wasn’t that long ago, the estate tax rate was 55% and the exemption $600,000. In those days, we advised cilents to adopt AB Trusts in order to keep at least $600,000 out of the taxable estate of the surviving spouse. Fast forward to 2016.… continue reading