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Is your old AB Trust obsolete?

In “the old days”, which in terms of estate tax law, wasn’t that long ago, the estate tax rate was 55% and the exemption $600,000. In those days, we advised cilents to adopt AB Trusts in order to keep at least $600,000 out of the taxable estate of the surviving spouse. Fast forward to 2016.… continue reading

Do You Know Where You Live?

Many states give property tax breaks to those who are residents of the state, and deny those breaks to people who are not residents. Individuals and married couples filing joint tax returns can usually have only one principal residence. The tax breaks are big enough that some people cheat, claiming residency in more than one… continue reading

Estate Planning – Not Intended To Be A Static Exercise recently posted an article on March 16th ranking Michigan’s 30 most-populated counties by life expectancy (which data was collected from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington), and to my delight, Ottawa County was ranked #1. Specifically, the average life expectancy of men in Ottawa County is 79.8 years… continue reading

Seniors: Learn How to Protect Your Home

Many seniors wonder how to best protect their home. This risk comes up because their health declines and they need medical care in an assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility. At this stage, they could be pursuing Medicaid benefits to help pay for their care. Fortunately, the Medicaid rules allow them to keep their… continue reading