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Licensed professionals and criminal records

Many of us are employed in regulated industries, and are required to be licensed to work in those fields. Lawyers go to law school, and then are required to pass a state bar examination before they can practice law. Other professions, too, require specialized education and training before they can become licensed to work as… continue reading

Child custody and moving out of town

I have traveled to Michigan’s Upper-Peninsula many times. The fishing is great, Lake Superior is awesome, and the cities on the northern shore are interesting and fun. Moving up there has never been an ambition of mine. Still, I have to admit, sometimes, especially after reading a Jim Harrison novel or short story, the northern… continue reading

In Pari Materia What’s in a name?

I was waiting in line at a “fast food” place the other day. Two things about that: Why do they call it fast food anymore? And yes, even hot-shot attorneys eat blue collar burgers for lunch. Anyway, I noticed that now the computerized cash register wants your first name when you order. Doesn’t that seem… continue reading

In Pari Materia Case Squashed

The personal injury specialists here at Cunningham Dalman are warning clients that the technical details required to successfully litigate an injury claim against a careless store owner are becoming more complicated. Here in Michigan, an unsuspecting customer was squashed while trying to enter a grocery store. The sensors on the automatic doors at the front… continue reading

Don’t Pay For Free Documents Or Overpay For Services

Beware of offers to sell you services you don’t need, or documents to which you are already entitled! Numerous clients along the lakeshore recently have reported being approached by companies offering to sell copies of certain documents, especially deeds related to recent real estate transactions. Companies offer to provide these documents at a cost of… continue reading

The importance of working “on” the business

When your business is doing well, it’s easy to just work “in” the business and not “on” it. In other words, the day-to-day customer and client demands dictate your day and you don’t take the steps to focus on important ways to position your company for the future. One of these actions is strategic planning. Which… continue reading

Second family marriages

Estate planning for second families often gets overlooked. The irony is that these situations typically require the most planning. In Michigan, a person who passes away without an estate plan will have his or her assets distributed under Michigan’s Intestate Succession statute. This one-size-fits-all approach often misses the mark. These laws rarely take into account… continue reading