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Loose Lips May Sink Your Ship and Create Liability

After a rancorous political campaign season, I read the Court of Appeals opinion in Bedford v Witte and Hoyer with great interest. In both political campaigns and litigation, broad and emotional allegations are often made. While there are few rules for political campaigns, there are boundaries for statements by attorneys and other persons about public… continue reading

Create Meaning for Your Employees

A national survey found that 51% of employees were not engaged in their job last year. Even worse, 17.5% were actively disengaged. These were the highest levels measured since 2000. This issue of engaging employees combined with a 3.2% unemployment rate in the local economy creates significant challenges for companies. Business owners know that attracting,… continue reading

Say What You Mean–The Way A Court Will Read It

In writing legal agreements, it is best to be clear. Often this means that lawyers use legal jargon because courts have already ruled what such jargon means. But legal jargon used incorrectly can make trouble. An easement agreement created an “exclusive” access easement was “for the sole and exclusive use” of both the grantor’s and… continue reading