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Pet Protective Orders

Most folks are aware that the Michigan Legislature has provided for personal orders in cases of domestic violence or stalking. After years of effort, women’s groups finally succeeded in gaining strong and automatically enforceable relief to protect them. Although certain organizations have worked to undermine these protections, they continue and continue to be expanded. Our… continue reading

One Way To Have An Impact

This area is blessed to have so many generous business owners and individuals who support local charities and faith organizations. I’m most commonly advising clients on how to leave a certain amount of money or a percentage of their estate to these organizations upon their passing (as opposed to during their life). However, with the… continue reading

It’s Construction Dispute Season!

It seems like whenever we are several months into an economic recovery, constructions disputes become more common. Change orders are one of the most litigated issues in contract or construction disputes. Did they agree upon a change or not? Is this item an extra cost or is the change covered by the original price? Or… continue reading

In Construction Contracts, Follow Through Matters

A property owner thought it was protected from an overcharge in the price of material in a construction project because the price of material was specified in the contractor’s contract with the supplier. The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled otherwise. The court rejected the property owner’s reliance upon the contract because the property owner did… continue reading


The phrase “restrictive covenants” is often used by attorneys to categorize the different ways (exclusive of intellectual property protections like copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, etc.) that proprietary business information and assets are safeguarded. Generally speaking, there are three basic categories of restrictive covenants that often get lumped in as “noncompete agreements” (although, as mentioned… continue reading

Why is a Power of Attorney So Important?

It is painful to witness the effects of dementia on a spouse, parent, or anyone you care about. I often meet with a spouse or child who is further stressed by not having a power of attorney for this person. Planning for disability or death is low priority or even non-existent on our daily list… continue reading

Remember Income Taxes When Doing Your Estate Plan

Estate planning is important for a number of different reasons. Making your intentions clear, avoiding a costly administration process, and keeping the process as simple and least burdensome to your loved ones are the most common I hear from my clients. What clients and advisers sometimes forget in this process are the impact of taxes… continue reading